Welcome to new owners of Kuvasz puppies!

We are a community of Kuvasz owners around the world. Welcome to all new puppies and their owners, and rescue Kuvasz, show dogs, working dogs, and pets of all ages!

We share photos and stories, and questions and advice. Even questions such as "My Kuvasz puppy did WHAT?!? Is that normal??? "  In fact, we especially share questions like that!

Please send one or several photos of your new puppy so we can all welcome him or her, and you, as well! Email them to me at amy@amyelf.com or "friend" me on Facebook and post photos there so I can pick them up to place on the blog!

Here are some sites to check out for Kuvasz photos and advice.

The Kuvasz Klips blog has over 5,000 pictures of Kuvasz. See them at Kuvasz Klips.  Send photos of your puppy to me at amy@amyelf.com for the blog, or "friend" me on Facebook and post photos there so I can pick them up to place on the blog!

If you're on Facebook, check out the Kuvasz Fanciers of America Facebook group page.

The Kuvasz Fanciers of America home page has many tabs and lots of information for Kuvasz owners.

See the Canadian Kuvasz and Friends Facebook for a fun, friendly group of pet owners, puppies owners, farm dogs owners who welcome new members and provide lots of good info on raising your Kuvasz.  Kelly Murray of Redmoon's Kuvasz Kennel is the nice person who created it for the benefit of all Kuvasz owners in all countries!

If you like to bake cookies, we now have Kuvasz cookie cutters! There are two, sold separately. Make cookies for people, and make homemade dog biscuits for your dogs. Or make a salt dough and make Kuvasz-shaped Christmas ornaments. All proceeds from the sale of the cookie cutters also go to support Kuvasz Fanciers of America's Kuvasz rescue. 

Welcome to you and your Kuvasz puppy!
If you have questions, email me at amy@amyelf.com.